Horse racing tips from Equine Investments horse racing tipsters, recommended by the secret betting club

"What a week - fantastic I can't belive the profit I've made - over 80 points up by the time I put some selections into doubles, keep up the good work." - Mr A Foster

"I have got to say you are cleaning up at the moment!! I don't know whether you have good contacts or a bloody good form reader but I'm very impressed!!!...I have tried timeform, raceform, proform, profile etc and at most times a combination but can't get near your record!!!! Many Thanks!" - Mr G Barnes

"Equine investments have proved to me it has the ability to make good long term profits through it's efforts and skill. Specialising in certain types of races (not all racing like some). Also looking for value prices and suitable horses (not short prices fav's, just to try and get winners). This formula works for enjoyable betting. " - Mr P Earwicker

"I have been with you for nearly 12 months now, your service is by the most profitable and consistent i've come across. I've been sucked in quite a few times by some of the dozens of glossy brochures i've received through my letter box but as soon as i join the winners conveniently dry up! I did expect the same when i joined your service but i've been pleasantly surprised. I can honestly say that i've never backed so many big priced winners! keep up the good work!!" - Mr A Woodward

"Having been with your service for a couple of months now, I have to admit yours is one of the better services around. The recommendation on Arctic Spirit yesterday was masterful - a 15/2 winner in a 4-runner race - you not only forecast the winner, but also the drifting SP. Long may it continue" - A Miller, Ipswich

"Apart from the healthy profits I am enjoying over and above the required subscription fee, the thrill and excitement I get is unreal. Your betting strategy is very shrewd, advising your subscibers when it is actually likely to be an advantage to leave a bet at starting price. Advice to bet on short priced horses is rare, the shorter prices on average tending to be around 5/1. But these are merely "bread and butter" bets to compensate for the larger priced selections that lose. You are communicative, polite and very informative: as well as making money, I am learning a great deal from you" - S.H.

"I studied a few tipsters before deciding on Equine Investments, I joined in November 2004, and, of course, this was the first non-profitable month, therefore I was rather sceptical going into December. However, I have been pleasantly surprised at December's results and am now showing a healthy profit even after taking out November's losses. So far so good, keep up the good work" - Mr. N. Hynes

"Another message to say how very impressed I've been by your service over the last few months. The winners keep popping up at some very nice prices and I hope you'll keep up the good work. Many thanks" - H. S.

"I don`t think I`ve ever joined a tipping service that didn`t immediately go into a terminal nose dive so you can imagine I`m on a high at the moment, keep up the good work.....Looking at your emailed tips and analyses is a bit like watching the Ronseal Tv ad -" It does exactly what it says on the tin " - R. W.

"I'm running out of superlatives, absolutely outstanding, I'm 6,000 up in my first two weeks of backing your selections and have not put more than 75.00 on any selection. Hope your keeping fit and well because I can't afford anything to happen to you for the next few years, perhaps we'll club together and get you a BUPA membership. Thanks Again" - JOHN W.

"Thank you for another great day. You deserve an Oscar" - S. C.

"this is the first chance i have had to write to you since that excellent 25/1 winner. i have just been reading your newsletter and you are correct in what you say. i increased my stakes to a level 50 from jan 1 but have to admit i backed 25 e/w, it is a mind thing which i will overcome. when i increased my stakes to 30 i found myself backing the bigger priced selections e/w, but after a few weeks i backed to win. i know i will do the same again in a week or 2. having said that 750 is the biggest win i have had on 1 horse. since joining at the end of july i have gone 10,20,30 and 50 and i am sure when the time comes 100 will be the norm. in the past i have backed much larger stakes but at much shorter odds, but decided it was the road to ruin. with your service i back with confidence which is the only way to move forward. Equine investments is the best service i have used and long may it continue. " - Mr A.

"your ability to read a race is really just something else. you put all other tipsters to shame! ive been searching many years to find a service worthwhile and all the money ive wasted now looks well spent, as it has finally led me to you. you're racing's einstein! thank you!" - JIM.

"Initially I just signed up for the service because it was one of the few offering to send the tips by text message, which makes it easy to combine with work. I have tried several tipsters before and while I've quite consistently made a profit with them your service has exceeded all my expectations. First and foremost the profits I've made are incredible and the profits you post are actually achievable. It is generally possible to get the price, sometimes even better, even if I do not place the bet immediately after the tip has been given. Also, you strike me as a man of the highest integrity. This is for instance shown by the fact that when it turned out to be hard to get a price, because most bookmakers shortened it just after you gave out the tip, that you put the price on the account at the lower price. Also the fact that you limit your membership numbers impresses me. These practices are quite the opposite of those of the tipsters I was with before, as is your style. I really like your honest, down to earth, style. Even after a prolonged winning run you do not brag or engage in self-congratulations and similarly after a losing run you offer no apologies. There is no need to because, win or lose, all bets are value bets, which translates into consistent profits. The profits, your integrity, and style make it a pleasure to be subscribed to your service." - A. S.

"What a refreshing change to find someone who is honest, reliable and can produce the goods on a consistent basis, the amount of effort you must put in is much appreciated" - FRANK.